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<h3>Maps, Directions, & GPS.</h3><span> Never lose a customer.</span> <h3>Social Media Integration.</h3> <span> Get personal with your customers.</span> <h3>Smart Email Forms.</h3> <span> Mails routed to the right department.</span> <h3>Store Locator.</h3> <span> List multiple stores, offices & branches.</span> <h3>Analytics.</h3> <span> Learn more about your users.</span>
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  • What is our web app?

    Smart Email Forms

    Let users choose which department to send their email to, opt-in for a newsletter, and have your emails all securely backed up.

  • What is our web app?

    Maps, Directions, & GPS

    Integrate Google Maps and street view, automatically generate a GPS waypoint, and provide printable or animated directions to your business premises.

  • What is our web app?

    Social Media Integration

    Interact with your customers by adding links to all your social media profiles, a QR vcard, as well as displaying your Twitter feed.

  • What is our web app?

    Analytics & HTML Widgets

    Track which pages of your website are triggering contact, and intergrate your HTML widgets such as Live Support.

  • What is our web app?

    No Coding. Seamless Integration

    Configure a great Contact Page to match the color scheme of you website without knowing any code at all.

  • What is our web app?

    List Multiple Locations

    If you have multiple stores, offices, or branches, you can list each individual location and provide directions to each premises.

  • I've been meaning to add a decent contact area to webgeekly for ages now and was perfect. I was able to set the entire thing up in under 10 minutes.

    - Marc von Brockdorff,
  • I found Formsly very easy to set up and use. Smaller companies may prefer the free plan, but the paid plan is probably a good value for larger businesses with multiple locations.

    - Charles Hamilton,
  • A more informative contact page can but be a more fruitful one.

    - From Our Killer Startups Review.
  • Formsly has some amazingly cool features which gives it a user friendly interface. Sign up for it is free.

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  • Formsly lets you associate multiple email addresses to the same contact form which is useful when you want to let site visitors to contact different departments of your company.

    - Ampercent.
  • Easy to use, functional and customizable to your needs.

    - RateMyStartup.
  • Formsly is a neat service to create a beautiful contact page.

    - NirmalTV.
  • A web designer wanted to charge us $725 to code the same functionality into our site, so instead we're paying 0.16¢ a day with you! Thanks for a great application!

    - Ian Crawford, PHS.
  • Formsly lets your Contact Us page work harder, smarter.

    - Helen Leggatt,
  • It also has a nifty CC and BCC tool which allows emails to be sent to the right departments. I would advise the premium package at less then $5 it's a bargain for the service it supplies.

    - Fatema Yasmine,
  • Formsly's contact pages are endlessly customizable, surprisingly interactive, and always look professional.

    - Dave Onkels,